Friday, November 26, 2010

Interesting Projects!

Talk about creativity!  Ms. Poulien Wolfswinkel, of Belguim, purchased 3 yards of Airport Cockpit Gauges by Avlyn Creations and created 4 vests for the fraternity of her son.  Poulien's son is an Aerospace Engineering student at the Technical University of Delft, in The Netherlands, Europe.  He is in the board of a fraternity with three other students and the fabrics with the various airplane clocks and meters were used for 4 dress vests (gilets) to be worn under a suit for the 4 board members.  They are thrilled that "Mom" found the design and, of course, the fact that it comes all the way from America is extra special! 

This is a student's fraternity that consists of students which are all glider pilots in their spare time and they celebrate their 80th anniversary.  

The 4 boys in question will be in charge of the organization of all special celebrations due to this special anniversary.  Poulien had all the vests embroidered at the back.

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